About SF Nonfiction Books

SF Nonfiction Books specializes in helping nonfiction indie Authors publish and market their books.

Most of the work is done by me (Sam Fury) with the help from a few freelancers.

Although SF Nonfiction Books is not primarily a publishing company, there are three authors currently under the SF Nonfiction Books publishing name.

Sam Fury

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Since 2013 I have self published 30+ of my own books.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about the self-publishing business, and I continue to study it in order to keep up with the constant developments in the field.

The majority of my personally published books revolve around survival and fitness and. In fact, my personal blog is called www.SurvivalFitnessPlan.com.

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Aventuras De Viaje

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Aventuras has three passions: travel, writing, and self-improvement.

Combining these three things, Miss Viaje spends her time exploring the world and learning about all the things she loves.

She takes what she discovers and shares it through her books.

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L. Horne

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L. Horne is an academic/ ESL instructor and adventurer.

Once married to the local bootlegger’s daughter, he has enjoyed a lifetime of outdoor activities and survival tactics from big-game hunting, camping, and trapping to archaeological field work in exotic locations to living in cars while scrounging food and salvaging castaway supplies.

What he enjoys most is meeting freedom-loving, interesting, creative people.

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