About SF Nonfiction Books

Welcome to SF Nonfiction Books, where we pride ourselves in the publication of books and other training tools to help you teach yourself awesome new skills. 

At SF Nonfiction Books, we specialize in the publication of our two Authors.

Sam Fury

Sam Fury

Sam Fury is the founder of SF Nonfiction books and has been publishing his own work since 2013.

The majority of his titles are training manuals which you can use to teach yourself the skills needed to escape and survive dangerous situations.

Some of these skills include self-defense, escape and evasion, wilderness survival, parkour, prepping, and more.

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Aventuras De Viaje

About SF Nonfiction Books 1

Aventuras has three passions: travel, writing, and self-improvement. She is also blessed (or cursed) with an insatiable thirst for general knowledge.

Combining these things, Miss Viaje spends her time exploring the world and learning. She takes what she discovers and shares it through her books.

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