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Basic Card Magic


Teach Yourself 25 Beginner Card Tricks!

Amaze your friends and family with these easy to learn card tricks.

Basic Card Magic contains 6 card magic routines with several tricks in each. You can use the routines as they are, tweak them, combine them, mix them up, or use any trick on its own.

You can do all 25 card tricks using a standard deck of cards and with no prior setup.

Stun your friends with your new skills, because learning card magic doesn’t come any easier than this.

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Learn a Variety of Tricks and Skills

  • Basic Card handling
  • False shuffles
  • Double lifts
  • Predictions
  • Transportations
  • Color Changes
  • Vanishes

…and more.

Fun for All Ages

These beginner’s card tricks come with easy to follow instructions and pictures. Easy enough for kids to learn but good enough to fool adults.

Discover your inner magician, because this is one of the best basic card magic books on the market.


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