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Friday, August 18, 2023

The 15 Best Self-Publishing Organizations

Discover the top 15 self-publishing organizations that enable authors to realize their literary dreams with confidence and success. From expert guidance to invaluable resources, explore platforms enabling writers to navigate self-publishing with ease and success.

Welcome, aspiring self-published authors, and literary fans! You've probably heard the word "self-publishing" spoken among authors but aren't sure what it means. Simply defined, self-publishing allows authors to independently publish their works without going via traditional publishing firms; digital technology has made this process more accessible, making self-publishing an attractive option for many writers today.

Self-publishing organizations may be quite helpful in expediting this process. These companies offer services like editing, cover design, formatting, and marketing to guarantee your book is ready for market, as well as advice through the difficult world of publishing.

In this article, we will go through several self-publishing groups, the responsibilities they take on in extensive detail, and how they can help you achieve your goals as you go through your journey!

Top Self-Publishing Organization!

SF Nonfiction Books stands out among self-publishing platforms by catering exclusively to non-fiction book and eBook authors. Not only can this platform streamline self-publishing processes for authors, but its tools are tailored specifically for non-fiction content creation.

SF Nonfiction Books stands out by taking a holistic view of book publishing rather than simply viewing it as a conversion process. Their resources in essential areas like e-logistics, digital marketing strategies, and eBook cover design enable authors to make well-informed decisions as they progress along their eBook launch journey.

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The Role of Self-Publishing Organizations in Author Empowerment

Organizations plays an important role in the self-publishing world and author empowerment. In simple terms, they act as facilitators, providing a variety of services and tools to assist authors in taking charge of their writing journey. Here's how it's done:

Control over Content and Creativity: Unlike traditional publishing, where editorial and marketing staff may have an impact on content and creative decisions, self-publishing companies give writers entire control over their work. This means you may write whatever you want, whatever you want while maintaining your own voice.

Time to Market: Traditional publishing may be a time-consuming process, with manuscripts often taking years to be published. Self-publishing companies simplify the process, allowing writers to publish their works as soon as they are ready.

Higher Royalties: Unlike traditional publishers, self-publishing companies frequently provide higher royalty rates. This means that authors may make more money from book sales, transforming their writing from a hobby to an achievable professional choice.

Support Services: Self-publishing organizations offer a variety of services to writers, including editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, and marketing assistance. This can be especially helpful for authors who lack the skills or resources to complete these activities themselves.

Access to Data: Self-publishing companies often provide real-time sales statistics and reader comments, providing writers with important information that may help them sell their works more successfully and better understand their audience.

To summarize, these organizations empower writers by giving them independence, speed, increased income possibilities, support services, and useful data. They simplify the publishing process, allowing everyone with a story to tell to participate.

15 Best Self-Publishing Organizations

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is an industry leader for self-publishing authors. Offering an easy and swift publishing option for authors who reach millions of readers globally.


  • Wide Reach: Amazon is one of the major online retailers worldwide, so books published through KDP could potentially reach millions of readers worldwide.
  • Royalties: KDP offers up to 70% royalties on book sales to over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Author Rights: Authors maintain full control over their writing rights, making modifications at any time and place.
  • ​Print-on-Demand (POD) Technology: KDP uses print-on-demand technology, so your book is never out of stock and no upfront inventory fees need to be paid.


  • Competition: As so many authors use KDP, competition can be fierce in popular genres.
  • Complicated Royalty Structure: Navigating KDP's complex royalty structure can be tricky. It can depend on many different variables including book pricing, geographical location of sales, and whether or not you enrolled in KDP Select.​

Amazon KDP is an attractive choice for new authors because of its ease of use, potential high royalties, and wide distribution network. Authors should take note of competition level and restrictions in distribution though; overall KDP stands as one of the premier self-publishing platforms today.


IngramSpark is increasingly the go-to option for authors who are self-publishing, looking to access a broad distribution network - even having their books sold at brick-and-mortar bookstores!


  • Wide Distribution Network: Thanks to Ingram Content Group, IngramSpark boasts one of the widest distribution networks in the industry, including many physical bookstores.
  • Quality: IngramSpark has earned its reputation for producing top-quality print books. Authors have numerous options when it comes to trim size, binding method, and paper type for their books printed through IngramSpark.
  • Print-on-Demand Technology: With IngramSpark's print-on-demand technology, inventory storage needs can be eliminated altogether.


  • Costs: Unlike many other self-publishing platforms, IngramSpark charges set-up fees when publishing books through them; this cost may present barriers for some authors.
  • Complexity: IngramSpark may not be as user-friendly as KDP for new authors; therefore there may be a steep learning curve to get used to its platform.
  • Customer Service: Some authors have reported issues with IngramSpark's customer service, particularly regarding response times for queries and issues.

Overall, IngramSpark is an excellent option for authors who prioritize wide distribution and high print quality, yet its costs, complexity, and service issues might make it more suitable for more experienced authors with specific distribution plans in mind.


Draft2Digital is an award-winning platform offering easy and efficient self-publishing services, including distribution to major eBook retailers. Authors seeking wide distribution with user-friendly publishing processes often turn to Draft2Digital for support.


  • Offers Wide Distribution: Draft2Digital distributes books through many online retailers and library services, increasing an author's exposure and reach.
  • User-Friendly: Our platform offers an intuitive, user-friendly process, making it ideal for new authors.
  • Automated Formatting Tools: Draft2Digital offers automated formatting tools that transform your manuscript into an eBook that looks professional.
  • ​No Upfront Cost: Authors don't incur any upfront costs when their books sell. Draft2Digital takes a small percentage of the retail price upon every sale of one of your titles through them.


  • Limited Print Options: Though Draft2Digital excels in eBook distribution, they lag behind competitors such as Amazon KDP or IngramSpark when it comes to print-on-demand services.
  • Earnings Potential: Since Draft2Digital takes a percentage of the retail price as their payment structure, high-selling authors may make more money through platforms with different payment structures.​

Draft2Digital is an outstanding choice for self-publishing authors who prioritize ease of use and wide eBook distribution. While its services may not suit authors seeking print books or direct Amazon distribution as much, Draft2Digital still provides valuable support that can help achieve publishing goals.


Smashwords is an established self-publishing platform specializing in eBooks that is ideal for authors hoping to reach an array of online retailers, libraries, and subscription services.


  • Wide Distribution: Smashwords offers wide distribution, making eBooks accessible at major online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple Books as well as libraries and subscription services.
  • Author-Friendly Royalties: Smashwords offers some of the highest royalty rates in the industry, enabling authors to collect up to 85% of net proceeds from sales made in its Store or 60% when sold through other retailers.
  • ​Author Control: Authors possess all of the rights to their work and can set their own prices.


  • Formatting Requirements: In order for eBooks to be included in its Premium Catalog for wide distribution, Smashwords has specific formatting guidelines they require them to meet. This may prove challenging and time-consuming for some authors.
  • eBook publishing only: authors who wish to release print books must find another service provider.
  • Smashwords May Not Be User-Friendly: In comparison with other platforms, Smashwords can be more challenging for beginners to navigate than other publishing service companies.

Smashwords provides an ideal platform for authors looking to distribute eBooks over a broad network. However, their stringent formatting requirements and limited print options may not meet every author's needs.

Lulu Press

Lulu Press is an established self-publishing platform, offering additional tools for authors to both produce eBooks and print books for distribution. Lulu Press can assist authors who desire extensive distribution alongside producing high-quality print books.


  • Versatile Publishing Options: Lulu Press offers flexible publishing options that meet both eBook and print book needs, offering different book sizes, binding methods, and paper types for print publications.
  • International Distribution: Lulu offers a wide distribution option, with products available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, academic institutions, and libraries alike.
  • Author Control: Authors retain full rights to their work and can set their own prices while monitoring sales and revenue via an easy-to-use dashboard.


  • Complexity: Although offering authors many options and control, these may prove too overwhelming for new writers unfamiliar with publishing processes.
  • Fees: While basic publishing and distribution services are free with Lulu Press, additional services such as professional cover design, editing, and book marketing services incur fees.
  • Earning Potential: Lulu's royalty structure may lead to slightly reduced earnings compared to some other platforms.

Lulu Press provides comprehensive self-publishing services suitable for authors looking for both eBooks and print books. While its learning curve can be steep for novice authors, its range of options and services makes Lulu worth consideration when it comes to self-publishing authors.


BookBaby offers authors an all-in-one self-publishing platform, from book design to distribution and everything in between. Its approach takes the form of providing personalized professional services suited for each stage. Authors who desire an all-encompassing solution may find BookBaby particularly advantageous.


  • ​Full-Service Publishing: BookBaby stands out as an industry leader when it comes to self-publishing services, offering full professional design, editing, and marketing capabilities all under one roof - making BookBaby an invaluable one-stop solution for authors.
  • ​Wide Distribution: BookBaby offers broad distribution to online retailers, libraries, and academic institutions worldwide.
  • ​No Commission on Book Sales: Unlike other self-publishing platforms, BookBaby doesn't take a cut of any book sales made through its platform - authors receive 100% of the net revenue generated from sales of their books through BookBaby!


  • ​Upfront Costs: BookBaby's comprehensive services come at a cost. Their full-service packages require substantial upfront investments that may prove prohibitive for certain authors.
  • ​No Print-on-Demand Services to Amazon: Unfortunately, BookBaby's print-on-demand service doesn't extend to Amazon, limiting access to printed books.

BookBaby offers authors who seek a hands-on, full-service approach to self-publishing a great opportunity. However, new authors on a budget should explore alternative services or choose between their a-la-carte offerings.


iUniverse is a self-publishing platform offering comprehensive publishing services such as editorial services, book design, and marketing. This self-publishing company is particularly ideal for authors looking for an experience similar to traditional publishing within an alternative publishing model such as self-publishing.


  • ​Professional Services: For authors aspiring to traditional publishing, iUniverse provides an impressive variety of professional services similar to what one would find with traditional publishers - this includes editing, cover design, layout, and more.
  • ​Bookstore Access: iUniverse books can be purchased through major retail platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, increasing authors' books' reach.
  • ​Recognition Programs: iUniverse offers several recognition programs designed to bring greater exposure to authors and their books that surpass certain editorial and sales benchmarks.


  • Cost: With its comprehensive services and prices being steep, iUniverse may be too costly for new authors with limited budgets to use effectively.
  • ​Royalties: Because iUniverse takes a significant portion of sales as their commission, authors may receive less per book sold compared to other self-publishing platforms.

In conclusion, iUniverse can provide authors with a professional and supportive self-publishing experience similar to traditional publishing; however, their fees and royalty structure might make the service less appealing when looking to maximize profit margins.


Xlibris is an all-in-one self-publishing platform offering an impressive array of services - from book editing and marketing campaigns to comprehensive editing capabilities and more - perfect for authors looking for an all-inclusive solution for their publishing journey.


  • Professional Services: Xlibris offers comprehensive professional services that encompass book design, editing, and marketing to make authors' lives simpler by taking care of everything for them in one location. This convenient approach to finding service providers saves them the trouble of tracking down individual service providers themselves.
  • Global Distribution: Xlibris has established an impressive distribution network comprising online retailers, traditional bookstores, libraries, and media partners to maximize authors' books' reach and achieve maximum exposure for authors' books.
  • ​Format Options: Xlibris offers publishing in various formats such as hardcover, paperback, and eBook, to meet various author and reader preferences and needs.


  • ​Cost: With its comprehensive services coming at a significant expense, Xlibris might prove prohibitive for authors on tight budgets.
  • ​Royalty Rates: Because Xlibris retains a portion of sales as commission, authors may find their profits per book lessened when compared with some other self-publishing platforms.

In conclusion, Xlibris offers a professional self-publishing experience. However, their costs and royalty structure may be less appealing for authors who aim to maximize profits. Prior to signing an agreement with them, authors should carefully review all terms to see if Xlibris aligns with their budget and publishing goals.


Blurb is an award-winning self-publishing platform known for specializing in photo books. As such, authors and creatives looking to publish visually striking works often turn to Blurb for publication.


  • ​Design Freedom: Blurb offers authors complete control over their layout and design process - something especially valuable for visually-rich publications like photo books or cookbooks. Their BookWright software gives authors full freedom when it comes to layout and design decisions for publications like photo books or cookbooks.
  • High-Quality Print: Blurb is widely recognized for its superior printing quality, which makes them the ideal partner when the visual presentation of books is paramount.
  • Offers Multiple Formats: From photo books and trade books to magazines and eBooks, Blurb supports an assortment of publishing formats to meet different author requirements.


  • Pricing: Printing costs may be higher with Blurb than with some other self-publishing platforms, particularly when producing high-quality color prints.
  • Limited Writing Tools: Blurb excels at design versatility, yet its limited writing tools may present difficulties to authors who require more robust writing and editing environments.

Blurb is a fantastic option for authors seeking to publish visually-driven works due to its superior design capabilities and premium print options, but authors should keep the cost associated with such quality in mind, along with any lack of writing tools compared to some other self-publishing platforms.

Outskirts Press

Outskirts Press is an award-winning self-publishing service provider known for offering authors personalized assistance throughout their publishing process. They pride themselves on offering customizable services with exceptional customization levels and personal touch throughout.


  • ​One-on-One Support: Outskirts Press provides personalized service by assigning each author their own publishing consultant - this can be invaluable when first venturing into self-publishing!
  • High Degree of Customization: Outskirts Press provides authors with an unprecedented degree of control and customization options over their book's design and marketing approach.
  • Distribution Options: Books published with Ingram are distributed widely through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram to maximize market exposure.


  • Cost: Due to their extensive services, Outskirts Press may be more expensive compared to other self-publishing platforms.
  • Royalty Structure: Some authors have discovered their royalty structure is less favorable compared to competing platforms.
  • Quality Control: While customization can be advantageous, it can also create quality control issues if authors make design choices that aren't professional or market-friendly.

Outskirts Press provides an expansive and personalized approach to self-publishing, making it an excellent option for authors who value personalized support and customization. However, authors should take note of its higher costs as well as any benefits or drawbacks related to royalty structure or quality control processes on offer by this platform.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life is an eBook self-publishing platform that enables authors to quickly publish and distribute eBooks worldwide. Kobo stands out amongst competitors with over 190 countries covered globally as its reach expands.


  • ​Global Reach: Kobo Writing Life boasts an international presence, giving authors access to readers worldwide.
  • Royalty Rates: Authors receive a 70% royalty rate for books priced between $2.99 and $12.99 and 45% royalty rates outside this range, whereas some platforms provide lower royalty payments for international sales.
  • Ease of Use: This platform is user-friendly, featuring an easy publishing process and clear instructions.


  • ​Limited Format: Kobo only handles eBooks; therefore if you wish to publish physical or audiobooks you must look elsewhere.
  • ​Less Market Share: Although Kobo boasts a global reach, its market share in some key nations like the US remains lower than some rivals, such as Amazon.
  • Marketing Challenges: Kobo can present unique marketing challenges for authors who don't yet have an established fan base.

Overall, Kobo Writing Life provides authors looking to reach an international audience with an excellent self-publishing platform. While its low market share in some countries may present marketing challenges, its competitive royalty rates, ease of use, and global presence make it a top choice among self-publishing authors.

SF Nonfiction Books

SF Nonfiction Books serves as an impressive example of how committed and compact teams can transform digital publishing. Their self-funded business specializes in supporting non-fiction authors while staying informed about industry changes to provide unparalleled assistance, staying ahead of eBook trends.


  • ​User-Friendly Interface: At SF Nonfiction Books, authors can take advantage of an easy but efficient system for publishing eBooks across various platforms - perfect for self-publishers! Their formatting services meet professional standards on multiple platforms as well - an added benefit!
  • ​Designing: At SF Nonfiction Books, our talented cover design team excels at crafting attention-grabbing eBook covers that draw in potential readers quickly.
  • Description Writing: At SF Nonfiction Books, our experienced team specializes in crafting engaging eBook descriptions that draw in potential readers while making lasting impressions with them.
  • ​Self-Publishing Education: Authors gain insights into the intricacies of publishing across numerous eBook platforms.
  • ​Full Service: At SF Nonfiction Books, our comprehensive solutions can be customized specifically to the requirements of your project - from managing it all the way through to offering specific assistance as needed.


  • ​Limited Genre focus: Nonfiction books tend to focus solely on non-fiction writing, restricting their appeal to authors writing other genres.

Overall, SF Nonfiction Books offer non-fiction authors looking to self-publish eBooks a fantastic option for publishing eBooks independently. Not only can they assist with publishing your first or subsequent non-fiction eBooks; their expertise as independent eBook publishers and authors ensures they come alive across multiple self-publishing platforms.


Author House is renowned for offering authors an impressive variety of self-publishing and marketing services, providing a platform where their books can be published as eBooks, hardcovers, and paperbacks.


  • ​Full-Service Support: Author House offers comprehensive services from book formatting and cover design ​to marketing and promotion.
  • Provides Multiple Formats: Unlike some platforms that only support eBooks, Author House allows authors to publish their work as eBooks, hardcovers, or paperbacks.
  • Worldwide Distribution: Author House books are distributed to online bookstores worldwide, giving authors worldwide exposure.


  • ​Cost: Author House can be expensive for authors; authors must purchase publishing packages, which may be more costly compared to other self-publishing platforms.
  • Royalty Rates: Author House's royalty rates are more competitive with other platforms; they offer a flat rate of 10% on retail sales from brick-and-mortar stores and 25% for sales made via their online bookstore.
  • Reputation: Some authors have voiced concerns over Author House's customer service and marketing packages; new authors should take this into consideration before entering.

Author House offers many services and publication formats that authors might find beneficial, yet its cost may not always make it the optimal solution for every author. Authors need to weigh the potential advantages against higher costs and potential service issues before deciding if Author House is suitable. In conclusion, Author House may provide extensive support to authors; however, it might not always be cost-effective. Authors looking for more hands-off service might find other platforms better suited.

Lightning Source

Lightning Source is an international self-publishing platform and a subsidiary of Ingram Content Group, one of the largest book distributors. This connection gives authors who publish with Lightning Source an added edge.


  • Global Reach: As part of Ingram Content Group, Lightning Source authors gain access to an expansive international distribution network.
  • POD Services: Lightning Source is known for providing premium print-on-demand services with numerous customization options to improve book appearance.
  • ​Never Out of Stock: Print-on-demand technology ensures your books are always readily available to meet demand.


  • Cost: While Lightning Source offers quality and wide distribution, these advantages come at the expense of higher setup and printing costs than competing platforms.
  • Complexity: For novice self-publishers, this platform may prove too complicated; its focus lies more with established authors and traditional publishers.
  • Customer Service: Authors have reported mixed experiences with Lightning Source's customer service.

Lightning Source could be an ideal choice for authors seeking broad distribution with greater investment into self-publishing their book, while new authors may find the platform complex and must assess if its higher costs fit within their budget.

Barnes & Noble Press

Barnes & Noble Press is the self-publishing branch of Barnes & Noble, one of the United States' premier bookselling companies. Authors can publish their books digitally or in print format and sell them both online and in B&N bookstores.


  • Credibility and Exposure: Partnering with an esteemed bookseller like Barnes & Noble provides both credibility and exposure for your books.
  • ​Print and eBook Publishing: Barnes & Noble Press provides authors with greater flexibility through both print and eBook publishing options, giving more options when it comes to their publishing strategy.
  • ​In-Store Opportunities: Books published with B&N Press may be sold in Barnes & Noble bookstores and qualify for in-store events, offering them an advantage not available with other platforms.


  • ​Distribution: B&N Press does not offer extensive global distribution, which may restrict sales for your books aimed at international markets.
  • ​Profit Margins: While B&N Press may offer competitive royalty rates for print books, their margins could still be lower than other platforms.
  • ​Fewer Services Offered: Based on some reports, some authors feel that the range of services is less comprehensive compared to other platforms, particularly regarding marketing and promotional tools.

Barnes & Noble Press provides new authors with an effective platform that offers in-store book sales. However, those targeting international markets or seeking comprehensive marketing tools may require supplementing B&N Press with other platforms or strategies.

The Impact of Self-Publishing Organizations on the Literary Market

Self-publishing organizations have made a considerable mark in the literary market through multiple means.

  • ​More Authors: Self-publishing services make it easier for more authors to publish their works. No longer must authors wait for traditional publishers to accept their book; now, authors can self-publish themselves resulting in many more books available on the market.
  • ​Variety: By having more authors publish books independently, readers have access to an increased variety of genres or subjects which would not otherwise be profitable for traditional publishers.
  • Competition: With more books now being self-published and traditional publishers competing to compete with them on prices, competition has intensified in the literary market.
  • ​Innovative Business Models: Organizations involved with crowdfunding often utilize various business models, such as print-on-demand (where books are printed only after being purchased by customers). This reduces both costs and risks for authors.
  • ​Direct Connection: Authors can utilize these platforms to engage directly with readers, obtain feedback, build fan bases, and promote their books themselves.

Overall, self-publishing organizations have revolutionized the literary market by making it more accessible, diverse, competitive, and connected.

How to Choose the Right Self-Publishing Organization

Choosing the right self-publishing organization involves several key factors:

  • Cost: Consider what the organization charges for its services. Some might take a percentage of your sales, while others might charge upfront fees. Make sure you understand what you're paying for.
  • Services: Look at what services the organization provides. Some offer editing, design, marketing, and distribution services, while others may just provide a platform for you to sell your book. Choose the one that meets your specific needs.
  • ​Distribution: Check how the organization distributes self-published books. Some can get your book into big online stores like Amazon, while others might have less reach. The wider the distribution, the more potential readers you can reach.
  • Reputation: Do some research on the organization's reputation. Look for reviews from other indie authors to see what their experiences have been like.
  • ​Rights: Make sure you understand what rights you're giving up. Some organizations might ask for exclusive distribution rights, which would prevent you from selling your book elsewhere.
  • Support: Consider the level of support the organization provides. Do they offer help with formatting, cover design, or ISBN assignment? Do they provide author support for questions and problems?
  • ​Royalties: Look at the organization's royalty structure. How much will you earn from each sale? Higher royalties can be appealing but also consider other factors like distribution and services.

Choosing the right self-publishing organization involves balancing these factors based on your individual needs, goals, and budget. It's important to do your homework, read the fine print, and make an informed decision.


Finally, it is clear that self-publishing has completely changed the literary scene. It has provided independent authors with increased creative freedom, worldwide visibility, and the chance of substantial financial benefits.

These self-publishing companies considerably enrich the author's experience, providing help from the draft phase through manuscript development and even developing smart marketing and sales plans for books all over the world! These organizations encourage diversity by offering an environment for different perspectives, allowing the sharing of unique stories across geographical boundaries.

SF Nonfiction Books stands out among these services, assisting both new and established authors. Beyond the typical self-publishing platform features, it provides an inclusive community that assists authors in attaining their creative goals. SF Nonfiction Books stands apart in the self-publishing industry because of its user-friendly features, such as vast distribution channels, competitive royalty structures, and a dynamic literary community.

SF Nonfiction Books is ready to help you wherever your literary path takes you. Start your self-publishing journey with SF Nonfiction Books and let your stories resonate with people all around the world—your self-publishing experience begins here.

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