4 Easy Card Magic Tricks Revealed for Beginners

You take the final dramatic pause, you hear the sharp inhale as the crowd awaits the next move, and you finally reveal the card you carefully selected from the pack. 

Your volunteer’s eyes widen as you turn the card around, and the crowd lets out a gasp when they start nodding. You’ve chosen the right card!

Imagine this is a crowd of your closest friends and family being dazzled by your magic card tricks. What if I told you the secret to finding several easy card magic tricks for beginners is revealed in one book?

Not only do I have the perfect book for you to learn card magic tricks for kids and adults alike, but I have also put together 4 step-by-step guides for simple card tricks that amaze and which you can start practicing today. 

Learn easy card magic tricks for kids.

Why Learn Card Magic Tricks?

If you are an aspiring magician and you are unsure of where to begin, then trying out a few tricks with only a pack of cards is a great start. This stepping stone can easily help you climb the ranks to become a skilled magician. 

Card tricks were believed to have been created sometime in the 18th century when the Italian magician, Giovanni Giuseppe Pinetti, began showcasing his amazing card magic tricks to a crowd. Due to his charismatic character, he was the very first magician who was permitted to show off his playing card magic tricks in a theatre.

Despite the time that has passed since the first tricks with cards were publicly showcased, sleight of hand is still popular in society today. 

Whether you want to professionally master your skills or merely find a few party tricks, you can start your journey right here.

The Creation of Card Tricks 

Once Pinetti showed off his mind-bending card tricks, this type of magic became so popular that it was designated a category of its own and, thus, card tricks were created. 

Following on from Pinetti’s mastering of the deck of cards, many other magicians followed suit and have become household names over the years.

These include the likes of Charles Bertram, Dai Vernon, Harry Houdini, and Howard Thurston. Thurston even became the first magician to be labeled as the master card manipulator.

The tricks discovered and created during these times were carried through and used by David Blaine, David Copperfield, Dynamo, and other well-known magicians in the field.

Throughout the years, these tricks were developed and perfected, and from these, creative magicians came up with numerous card tricks of all varieties, including several simple card magic tricks that are easy for beginners. 

This gave way to allow magicians of all levels to delve into the world of card manipulation, creating a new avenue of magic using a simple deck of cards that can be found in most homes today. 

This form of trickery using cards has become popular due to the ease of access to a pack of cards and the multiple forms of card tricks that you can try out which go way beyond the “pick a card, any card” magic tricks. Since these magic card tricks are relatively easy to learn, it is a great starting point for beginner magicians.

More on the history of magic in this short video.

The Psychology of Card Tricks

Magic, in all its forms, is not merely sleight of hand techniques using quick movements and secret compartments. Many aspects of magic rely on methods of distraction and understanding the psychology behind magic tricks.

Card tricks are no different, and gaining an understanding of how people think will help you become a master of the art. This basic psychology will help you read people a lot easier to anticipate how to hoodwink them. 

While you can find a more in-depth guide on the tricks of deception in the book Basic Card Magic that contains 25 card tricks for beginners, I will give you a quick teaser here. 

Mental Techniques 

Magicians use several techniques to influence the audience such as misdirection, manipulation, or illusions to complete their magic tricks. When asking how to do card magic tricks, the principles are similar and your performance matters as much as the trick itself.

Some easy tricks with cards rely on the magician’s ability to influence a person’s choice of card or by knowing the probability of the audience selecting specific cards. Understanding these thought patterns can help you improve your card skills. 

On the one hand, you need to be mindful of the words you use when speaking to your audience or volunteer. On the other hand, you should have a basic understanding of the commonalities that happen when people are asked to think in a certain manner.

Discover 4 easy card tricks for kids.

The Psychology of Cards 

Firstly, when you ask someone to think of or name a card, a study involving both magicians and researchers has proven that the four most commonly chosen cards are the ace of spades, queen of hearts, the king of hearts, and the ace of hearts.

When the audience is asked to visualize a card, they are more likely to select the ace of hearts. 

Even if the trick does not require you to play mental games with the volunteer, it is still helpful to gain knowledge of how people think. This will help you influence the audience to confuse them while you execute your trick. 

Jonathan Hsu explains the psychology of magic a bit more in this video.

4 Easy Card Magic Tricks Revealed 

Now for the fun part! If you are ready to join the long line of card magicians and surprise your guests at your next get-together, you can start by following these 4 easy card magic tricks, step-by-step.

1. The Mind Reader

Trick your guests into thinking you can read minds with this simple but cool card magic trick. The key here is to prepare before you get in front of your audience. 

  • While you are hidden from the audience, start by counting out any 25 cards from the deck and place them at the top of the pile. Keep them angled slightly so you know where the 25th card is sitting in the pile.
  • Now, in front of your audience, cut the cards in half by the split you have made while making it seem like a completely random split. 
  • Place the top cards on the table, keeping them face down. Then ask a volunteer to pick any card from the remaining cards in your hand. 
  • Next, tell them to memorize the card they have chosen and show the rest of the crowd so they all know what it is. 
  • The volunteer should place their card back on top of the pile in your hand before taking the pile from the table and placing it back on top of the stack in your hand.
  • You now know that the 26th card in the pile is the chosen card, so slowly flip over each card one at a time while counting in your head. 
  • When you reach the 26th card, you can add some drama by getting a feeling that this is the chosen card.

If you want to take this trick to the next level, you can learn to pinky count so you can count the split while you are speaking to the audience instead of preparing beforehand. 

2. The Impossible Three Card Trick

This trick will be using your magic mind-reading skills once more by “mentally” figuring out which card the volunteer has chosen. 

  • You only need three cards for this trick so take out the Ace of Clubs, King of Hearts, and the Ace of Diamonds from the deck of cards and place them, face-up, in that order on the table.
  • Turn around while telling the volunteer to strongly think about one of the three cards before quietly letting the rest of the audience know which one they picked. They can point to their card to ensure you don’t hear.
  • Then instruct them to swap around the two cards they didn’t pick before turning the cards around so they are face down.
  • Turn to face the cards once more, and politely ask the volunteer to mix the cards up, casino style.
  • This will enable you to carefully follow the center card to note where it ends up on the table.
  • After they have mixed up the cards, flip over the card that you followed (the original center card). This card will tell you what their chosen card is. 
    • If it is the King of Hearts, then this would be their selected card.
    • If it is the Ace of Clubs, then they would have selected the Ace of Diamonds.
    • If it is the Ace of Diamonds, then they must have selected the Ace of Clubs.
  • Make a note of the right card quickly before turning over the remaining two cards. 
  • Now ask them to think of their card again, while you “read their mind” before revealing their chosen card.

Once you have perfected this trick, you can surprise your audience with the three card monte to show your double card flipping skills. 

3. Jumping Cards

This trick requires two decks of cards, prepared ahead of time. This trick can be conducted in various ways; however, I will show you the easiest method here. 

  • When you are preparing the cards, select two of the same cards from each deck. So, for example, choose the 9 of Hearts and the 5 of Clubs.
  • Leave the one deck since you only need the two cards from it.
  • Now place the two cards from the first deck on the top of the pile with the other two on the bottom.
  • Now you have the first two cards and the last two cards in your pile being the same.
  • You are now ready for the crowd. 
  • Put on a show while you flip over the first two cards to reveal them to the audience before placing them back on the top of the pile. 
  • Tap the top of the deck while working your magic as you tell the audience that you are making them jump to the bottom of the pack.
  • Flip the deck around and reveal the last two cards to the amazement of the audience. 

Once you have perfected this easy trick, you can start jumping cards with no setup by practicing sleight of hand.

4. The World’s Easiest Card Trick

This may be one of the easiest tricks to learn, but you need speed, agility, and distraction techniques while you carry out this card trick, so you will need some practice.

  • You don’t need to prepare for this one. Simply take a deck of cards and fan them out in front of your volunteer.
  • Ask them to pick any card and remember it while showing the rest of the crowd what the card is.
  • Now the tricky part. Split the deck in half with the bottom half in your right hand and the top half in your left.
  • Ask the person to place their card on top of the bottom half of the deck while you sneakily peek at the card on the bottom of the pile that is in your left hand. 
  • Then place the top half (from your left hand) on top of the pile in your right hand.
  • Now turn the cards around and fan them out while you start looking for their card. 
  • You can put on a show while you try to “feel” which card is theirs but you know that it will be the card right after the one you peeked at. 

Before trying this trick out in front of your family, you can learn to peek in different ways to make sure no-one catches you looking at the card. 

Best Card Magic Tricks for Beginners FAQs

How do card magic tricks work?

Each card trick you do will follow a different process but they usually involve distraction techniques, sleight of hand, preparation beforehand, and quick hand and eye movements. 

You should aim to shift the audience’s attention elsewhere without being obvious while you look at cards, move cards, or prepare your deck.

How do you perform card magic tricks?

You can perform these types of tricks in any way and you should adopt a performance style that feels natural to you. However, you must put on a show while conducting these magic tricks as you will need to distract the audience during certain parts of the tricks.

How can I learn card tricks?

You can learn magic tricks in many different ways, including on the internet, other magicians, or beginner magic books. Certain card magic books, such as Basic Card Magic, offer an insight into the magic methods and techniques that you will use while performing the card tricks. 

Stun your friends with your new skills,
because learning card magic doesn’t come any easier than this.

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The Magic Touch

When you begin practicing any type of magic tricks, you will need to learn elements beyond the tricks to discover how to work the audience in your favor. An important element of magic depends on how you conduct yourself in front of the audience.

Remember to be quick when looking at cards without the audience noticing and be creative with your distraction techniques. The main components of performing successful magic tricks are being confident and practicing as much as possible. 

The more you practice, the better your skills will become. So, find a close friend or family member and start practicing these easy card tricks to become the best card trick magician in your circles. 

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