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Practical Escrima Knife Defense


Teach Yourself Knife Defense!

Discover how to use the “block/grab” knife defense system developed by GM Larry Alquezar.

This training manual is packed with knife-flow drills and other exercises.

Develop your Filipino knife defense skills, because these techniques are generations old.

Get it now.

IMPORTANT: Trying to disarm a knife welding attacker is extremely dangerous. The techniques in this book are for Martial Arts enthusiasts and are NOT meant for real life situations.

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One of the Best Filipino Knife Defense Books Around

  • 40+ knife disarming techniques.
  • Knife training flow drills so you will be able to apply the techniques instinctively.
  • Disarm, induce pain, break his limb, and/or make him stab himself.
  • Techniques for all angles of attack.

… and much more!

Includes 4 Free Bonuses

Get your copy of Practical Escrima Knife Defense today and you will also receive:

  • A never-ending Vortex Control Self-Defense training schedule.
  • Your “go-to” disaster response action plan.
  • Special Report: How to run up walls.
  • A critical first aid guide including an emergency first aid cheat sheet.

Teach yourself knife defense today, because these are the secrets of GM Larry Alquezar.


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